Saturday, June 7, 2014

Winnipeg Body Painting. VisualEyeCandy.SamanthaWpg.Com

Samantha Wpg is a professional experienced Winnipeg body painter with a licensed red seal trade aesthetics in province of Manitoba for the last 15yrs, with over 25 yrs of experience in many levels of my industry as a visual artist, social media promotions, photography and much much more under my belt.
Samantha has achieved many levels of awards for international
multi media exposure for my work as an independent Freelance Artist. 
I've been professional body painter.Make up Artist. Photographer and Professional International Model with 25 yrs of experience.

I can be available for fundraiser, fashion shows, photo shoots, 
kids parties or what events are needed for your industry. 

I work with only the highest standard and quality in body paints that is F.D.A approved in the body painting industry.

I feel as an artist my work will surpass the expectation of what is needed for your professional experience of your projects.

Looking forward to working with you as a client in near future 

Your's Truly 
Samantha Wpg

Please feel free to browse my portfolio on my personal professional website and other professional international social media site seen from around the world.