Monday, June 30, 2014

Mechanical Dummy - Art JUNE 30, 2014 …THE HUMAN BODY IS THE BEST WORK OF ART…

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

European Body Art has left makeup artists screaming for more……..

European Body Art Encore Alcohol Palettes
Face Off Edition airbrush makeup, European Body Art 
has left makeup artists screaming for more
European Body Art looks to make a splash in the special effects makeup industry with the release of these alcohol-activated palettes. By building off of the reputation of its liquid predecessor, Endura, Encore Alcohol Palettes will provide unparalleled durability, high pigmentation, and a wide selection of colors. Initially, twenty SFX and Undead colors from the Endura Face Off Edition line will be offered in the alcohol-activated palettes.
The Encore Palettes will feature an innovative magnetic case along with a mixing plate that comfortably fits in an artist’s hand. Interchangeable magnetic pans allow makeup artists to rearrange and replace colors easily based on their project or job, a rare sight in the special effects makeup  industry.
All the while, EBA continues to maintain the signature qualities of their entire paint products as the durability of this special effects makeup will minimize the need for touch ups on set for professional makeup artists. Keep an eye out as EBA plans to release more colors for the Encore Palettes throughout 2014.
Feel free to contact European Body Art with any questions regarding the Encore Alcohol Palettes at

I'm well known as F$M which is short for FairyStyleMother

Hello my name is Dallas DeJesus but I'm well known as F$M which is short for 


Hello my name is Dallas DeJesus but I'm well known as F$M which is short for 


Im a 21 year old PR Major KSU and i minor in journalism. 

For the past 3 years i have interned in various music studios which lead me to the opportunity to blog and model for a few street wear clothing lines. 

My most recent endeavour was being presented with the opportunity to intern for Chris Browns Blog Mechanical Dummy. There I am able to write for the Art section which was great for me b/c of my love for all forms of art.

 I have been heavily influenced by being able to travel and discover different forms of art. As well as meet artist who's love for art is even greater than mine. To see people take so much pride in their work and still be humble is always a great experience.
I am currently in the final stages of Copy Writing my own Blog and I'm very excited for the world to see !

My biggest challenge or set back so far has been proving myself fit to others, b/c i am so young the older bloggers give me a hard time about not having as much experience as them. But i take it and i use as motivation for me to keep pushing ! So that one day i can be a great as them if not better !

You can check out my latest work at

I'm well known as F$M which is short for FairyStyleMother 
You can check out my latest work at

Sunday, June 15, 2014

WinnipegBodyPainting. SamanthaWpg.Com. VisualEyeCandy.: Body Painting Winnipeg , Professional MakeUp, SPFX...

WinnipegBodyPainting. SamanthaWpg.Com. VisualEyeCandy.: Body Painting Winnipeg , Professional MakeUp, SPFX...: Body Painting Winnipeg, Professional MakeUp, SPFX, Custom Costume Design, Airbrushing, Photography, Pr...

Body Painting Winnipeg , Professional MakeUp, SPFX, Custom Costume Design Airbrushing, Professional Photography Promotion Events & Services

SamanthaWpg is a professional body painter licensed red seal trade aesthetician in province of Manitoba for 15yrs. over 25yrs. of experience in many levels of my industry as an

Visual Professional Artist.

I'm a professional body painter. Make up Artist. Photographer. Professional Model with 25 yrs of experience behind my belt.

I’ve had the honour of being published international in all levels of multimedia for my work as an independent Freelance Artist.

Samantha WPG is your personal body painting connection in Winnipeg.

Quality products incredible artistry experienced &

licenced in Winnipeg with the highest quality standards, in health and hygiene in 

Winnipeg for all body painting events & services.

When your inquiring about our services for 

Winnipeg body painting events & services no matter how big or small we can make your special event a reason to have people talking. 

Body Painting Winnipeg uses FDA approved body paints,

European Body Art is our choice of professional body art products are the 

highest standards in our choice for Winnipeg body painting. 

I can do face painting, body paint, custom prosthetics, 

special effects make up, airbrush body art, for any Winnipeg events & services.

I can be available for fundraiser, fashion shows, photo shoots, kids parties or what events are needed for your special event.

I work with only the highest quality body paints that is F.D.A approved in the body painting industry. 

I feel as an artist my work will surpass the expectation of what is needed for your professional experience of your project.

corporate events, zombie apocalypse, zombie walks, zombie parties, halloween, 

solstice, christmas, new years, socials, sporting events, conventions, music videos, dancing, folk fest, kid festivals, comic con, raves, gaming events and much, much, much more. 

Zombie Make Up By

Please feel free to ask questions and leave comments 

I like to support the work of 

the projects that I am on as a

Professional Body Painter.Photographer.Visual Artist and Model

Up Coming Events 

Samantha Wpg (Visual Eye Candy)

C4 - Central Canada Comic Con

Winnipeg Comic Con C4

Oct 31st, Nov1st, 2nd 2014

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Please be my guest & see what I've been up to.