Saturday, November 25, 2017

Some Moroccan Cosmetic Argan Oil a wonderful Luxury product for all skin types!

I received a 5ml Some Moroccan Luxury Argan Oil as a gift sample all I can say is it is 
wonderful product for all skin types!
The gift sample was from Anton he was gifted the product from a 
@somemoroccan.inc204 the product feel and looks amazing
 on my face and hand skin sure cures the dry skin blues!
I just purchased a larger size today with there #BLACKFRIDAY discount code!
I can't believe how my face skin and my hand skin feels no more 
dryness what wonderful product!

@visualeyecandyreviewsjust4u highly recommends @somemoroccan.inc204 
I gave a 5 out of 5 on there Facebook page 

Why use our LUXURY Cosmetic Argan Oil on your skin?  

· Some Moroccan argan oil is more efficient than other types of natural skin and hair moisturizing substances,
such as coconut oil or olive oil, due to the high content of fatty acids
· Some Moroccan argan oil is light-weight and completely non-greasy
· Helps restore the natural pH of the skin and scalp;
· Some Moroccan argan oil regulates the sebum release in skin;
· Excellent for thorough treatment of dry skin and frizzy hair;
· Heals blemishes and pimples caused by acne or chickenpox;
· Contains the ability to neutralize free radicals; argan oil plays a significant role in treating eczema, acne, dandruff, and psoriasis;
· Can regenerate skin by revitalizing cell function and prevents premature aging caused by pollution, smoking, excessive sun exposure, etc.
· Some Moroccan argan oil can also help reduce inflammation and skin rashes;
·  Argan oil can be applied to prevent stretch marks and dry hair;
· Mineral based makeup tends to dry the skin, which can be avoided by massaging the skin with 1-2 drops of argan oil before applying makeup.  

Visit there social media and website for more details

Your skin will be forever grateful

An opportunity to empower Women in Morocco while also enabling Children to pursue education by raising funds for school supplies.
THE BONUS: Heavenly skin and hair
Complete with a hand-made Moroccan tassel from an artisan who lives in the Capital City of Morocco. 

Some Moroccan Inc.

 Dedicated to bringing you 100% PURE luxury. Fair-trade
Hand-collected🙌 Cosmetic Argan oil🌳 5% of every sale goes to kids in Morocco📚 SALEENDSNOV27 

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Visual Eye Candy Halloween Makeup Demos on CTV Morning live - Winnipeg Tune in on Oct 26th 6am till 9am

@samanthawpgcom #winnipegbodypainting 
had blast doing @jameswinnipeglench 

If anyone want #halloween #makeup done 
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I only have a couple of spots left for #VisualEyeCandy 

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CTV Morning Live - Winnipeg
Visual Eye Candy Halloween Makeup Demo
Airing Live 6am to 9am on Thur Oct 26th

Visual Eye Candy Professional 
Face & Body Painting

Winnipeg Body Painting VisualEyeCandy Promotional Services 

Licensed red seal trade Aesthetician 
in the province of Manitoba over  
17yrs with 25yrs of experience 

Professional Body Painting, 
Award winning, Makeup, 
SPFX prothetic,Custom Costume 
Promotional Events & Services.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My client Ron Rurak needs your support! Please share this post! If you can donate that would be greatly appreciated!

My client Ron Rurak needs your support! 
Please share this post! 
If you can donate that would be greatly appreciated!

Ron Rurak's Cancer Fighting Fund

Ron was diagnosed with peripheral T-cell lymphoma for the second time in June of 2017. His journey is currently being treated with IV injections that target and kill this type of lymphoma. 

He will be going to Regina weekly for these 4 hour treatments. 

I, Donna Rurak will have to accompany him, as he can't drive home after the treatment. These treatments are 3 weeks on, 1 week off. 

Additionally in the winter, coming up, Ron will be going to Saskatoon for a stem cell harvest and then the stem cell transplant.

 Ron will remain in isolation for a minimum of 3 weeks to 1 month.

I hope to visit weekly - in between running my business - Precious Therapies

Donations for Ron are covering the many trips to Regina, Saskatoon and to assist with better food choices and hotel stays- as his immune system will be compromised- Ron's appointments are currently for 8:15, or 9am in the Friday morning- in case of bad weather, we will be going up- the night before. 

Thanks for all your donations and Sharing the page.

Monday, January 9, 2017

ProAiir Queen of Hearts Hand Painted & Airbrushed Makeup Tutorial by Winnipeg Body Painting SamanthaWpg VisualEyeCandy

#ProAiir Queen of Hearts Hand Painted & Airbrush Makeup Tutorial 
By Samantha Christianson #WinnipegBodyPainting 

Be my guest and check out all the amazing airbrush face & body art supplies products sold by 

The list of ProAiir products demonstrated in the Airbrush Makeup Tutorial

#HybridProAiir Products 
#Hybrid Lipstick Red
#Hybrid White 
#Hybrid Black
#DIPS Black 
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kindest person I've ever known was shot in her home. Please donate & share the info with everyone we need your support!

I would love some help if you have time to post or share this information about what happened to my friends family.
My friends mom got shot in the head by her husband in her home on Mon night Dec 12, 2016.
Please do a story, blog, posting anywhere you can to help get this information out there to help the family out they really need the support!
People need to know and help out by donating and sharing this info I really appreciate the support and help!
I have know Mel and her mom Jeanette for couple of years now their like my 2nd family. 

The news really hit me hard especially about what happened to her mom. 
I would love everyone help by donating what they can to help everyone through this moment in time with all our support and kindness. 
She will be on to a quick recovery soon!
I love you guys I hope the best for you this holiday season.

Darby Connors
I hardly even know where to start.  Jeanette Heflin, mother, grandmother, sister, nurse, and the kindest person I've ever known, was shot in her home, causing large amounts of damage to her head, face, and arms. She remains in critical condition, and will need many surgeries.
At this point in time the doctors are not sure the full amount of damage, and are concerned that she may not regain her sight. Even with successful surgeries she will require lots of physical therapy and assistance. 
I'm starting this campaign to assist my best friend, and Jeanette's daughter, in paying the medical bills to come as well as anything she will need to care for her mother who will be moving in with her upon her release from the hospital. 
She is truly a wonderful person, and someone who always wanted to care for everyone else, please help us return the favour in her time of need. 
Thank you so much!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

ReviewsJust4U! Aidodo Mini Portable Dehumidifier Product Review

ReviewsJust4U! Aidodo Mini Portable Dehumidifier Product Review 


[[ASIN:B01M03ETS0 Dehumidifier, Aidodo Electrical Air Dryer Powerful Mini Portable Dehumidifiers with 250 ml / day dehumidification 0.5L Water Tank Dehumidifier for Basement Bedroom Home Office Bathroom Closet Kitchen]]

This my first time ever purchasing or investing in a dehumidifier of any kind so this was a very interesting purchase.

This dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture from the air it is very reliable, eco-friendly, and portable that’s what struck my interest when I purchased it.

It's quiet and has a energy saving features easy to turn on and off.

It is easy to see lights to let you know that it is on or off as well as full and ready to be emptied and turned on again.

This is excellent for an area which draws moisture from a closet, bathroom, laundry room or kitchen basically from an area that has excessive moisture and you would like to remove easily.

I have run the unit for 5 days and 5 nights the unit pulled a bit of water from the air especially around my laundry area and my bathroom around my shower.

This unit is excellent quality I trust that I will be running the unit quite a bit in the next couple of weeks for extra little bit of help with excess moisture control in my house that is over 100yrs old.

I like the esthique of this dehumidifier it compliments anywhere you put the unit it will suit the area of the house or your environment to accommodate with ease.

So far I’m happy with my purchase no issues what so ever.

Friday, October 21, 2016

VisualEyeCandy ReviewJust4U! Aidodo LED Solar Lights Outdoor/Indoor Solar Wall Lights

VisualEyeCandy ReviewJust4U!
Aidodo LED Solar Lights Outdoor/Indoor Solar Wall Lights

My review of the product
I needed a product to a help with a solution with a the dark areas inside and outside my house so I can automatically see without having to use a direct light switch or light that wasn't available.

This was wonderful I love that you can put it anywhere and get light quickly with out issues it's a very good quality product very easy to use and install, charges up quickly and works excellent.

I use it on my stairs in my house and love that I can see up and down the stairs during the night so I can use the bathroom or run to the kitchen quickly with out bothering anyone else in the house with big bright lights on.

The Solar Lights features super bright LED lights and motion sensor and the lighting really works well in doors or out doors there water proof and heat resistant.

No wiring necessary, solar powered lights perfect for your outdoors or indoors this such a nice feature that is what I love about this product the most.

The only issue I can see having with this product is if your in the areas without a very good light source your solar panel will not have good charge.

I used my ring light for a couple of hours at high setting and it charge the solar panel battery no questioned asked so easy and convent method of charging these solar lights.

Auto on at night and auto off at early moring and starts charging automatic and ready to use when the dusk to the night time being in a very dark area will work automatic.

It will turn off after lighting for 30 seconds and is so quick it will work well from 3 meters away and the solar panel is very quick in response of motions dectected.

I going to buy another set specifically for out doors because I love using them on my stairs and it this will really make my out door yard area much more safe and easier for friends to find my house at night in the Westend area.

Info from the company

ENERGY SAVING - The Aidodo Solar Lights features 8 super bright LED lights and PIR motion sensor generating upto 160 lumens of lighting. No wiring necessary, solar powered lights perfect for your outdoor lighting. Also, it is heatproof and waterproof (IP64).

AUTO ON/OFF - Auto ON at night and auto OFF at sunrise. The lights will turn bright automatically once the PIR motion sensor detects movements in the darkness. It will turn off after lighting for 30 seconds.

EASY TO INSTALL - Comes with key pin to unlock the solar sensor lights. The "ON/OFF" switch was designed for waterproof reason. Just insert the key pin to the switch hole to unlock the lights. Easy to mount with included screws.

QUALITY CONTROL - The Aidodo solar lights are designed durable and weather resistant. Our professional QC team will inspect each product carefully before shipping to Amazon Fulfillment Center.

WARRANTY: We are confident that you will love our solar wall lights, if you are not complete satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please return for replacement or refund. You can also contact us, we will solve your problems within 24 hours.

Why Choose Aidodo Solar Outdoor Lights?

1. High Efficiency and Eco-Friendly. Recharged by sunlight and store power for overnight lighting.
2. Integrated design of PIR motion sensor and night sensor. Over 12 hours lighting time after 8 hours charged under ideal bright sunlight.
3. Designed durable and weather resistant. IP64 waterproof and heatproof.
4. Easy to install and mount. Perfect for garden, fence, patio, deck, yard, driveway, stairs, outside wall etc.

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel: 0.48W, 17% efficiency
Li-ion Battery: 2.96Wh
LED Power: 1W, 6000K-6500K
Motion angle and distance: 120 Degrees, 10ft
Delay Time: 10s.
Lighting mode:
-High Light
Size: 96 x 124 x 48mm

Operation Instructions

1. Unlock and activate the solar light
The internal battery is locked from factory for safety shipment, so please unlock the lights with the included key pins.
2. How to Install the device?
Please use the supplied expansion pillar-hinge and screws to mount the device on pole or wall or anywhere outside you want for lighting.
3.Charging via solar panel
Make sure the solar lights are mounted on the side toward the sun in order to fully absorb sunlight.
4. Night sensor function
The lights will turn bright automatically once the PIR motion sensor detects movements in the darkness. It will turn off after lighting for 30 seconds.

Package Contents:

4 x Aidodo Solar Lights (each item packed in one box, 4 packs total)
4 x Expansion pillar-hinges
4 x Screws
4 x Key pin
4 x User Manual

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

UM Jewelry Review Puzzle, Heartbeat Neckless & 18K Gold Plated Titanium Ring

UM Jewelry Review Puzzle, Heartbeat Neckless 
& 18K Gold Plated Titanium Ring 

All the products links I have purchased and reviewed 

UM Jewelry Mens Womens CZ Stainless Steel Puzzle Heart Couples Necklace Engraved  "Just For you" (Jewelry) 

I received this wonderful present from my boyfriend for our 4 yr anniversary and it finally arrived in the mail from the company it took about a month.

I love the metallic blue side looks and feels very nice, the details and weight feels nice and sturdy as well as the chain is very high quality.

The writing 'just for you' engraved on the front of the piece with 4 little small clear Rhinestones is perfect.

It really makes this unique jewellery creation one of kind for 2 special individuals especially for me and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend is using the pendant as a key ring, since he is not much of a necklace person, but she says it's great and look wonderful.

When asked my boyfriend gave it full 5 stars.

The product looks exactly like the pictures he said!

Each puzzle piece is about the size of a loonie or large coin they fit perfectly into each other like real puzzle pieces.

This is a wonderful gift for people who want to wear matching jewelry, but still want variety.

It comes with one metallic blue piece and one silver piece if one person prefers a specific colour.

It has convient black velvet draw string bag with U M printed in white on the front of it.

The two chains are like the chains you usually see with dog tags but smaller little linking silver balls, easily adjustable.

Each hand crafted jewellery piece is made of quality stainless steel, so the metal shouldn't oxide.

The product won't transfer making the acids in your skin turn other colours or black like other low quality jewelry.

You can wear it as much as you want it's Anti-allergic,
Never fade, High Polished quality jewelry.

I love the 60 day money back guarantee this really makes me feel more trust for the level of quality from the company so if anything is an issue I can replace it in certain time frame.

This my 3rd time buying from this company super impressed with quality and craftsman ship no issues at all and will be buying again in the near future for the holiday season coming up.

Jewelry Elegant Womens Stainless Steel Heart & 
Heartbeat Pendant Necklace Rose Gold (Jewelry) 
I was super impressed surprised by this wonderful piece of jewelry my boyfriend ordered it about a month ago for me this is a very special gift for our 4th anniversary.

I love the color! It's very beautiful and very unique the craftsmanship you can see is very well made you can see and feel the quality in the details.

The tiny heart is an amazing finish to this wonderful and delicate necklace for anyone who wants a new piece of eye candy to show off.

It is also weighted enough in the front to stop it from getting tangled around so your not constantly fiddling around and making it sit flat that really makes this piece my favourite to wear daily without any issues.

If you have long hair make sure to put a little oil on the chain this will help your hair from not tangling to the chain this helped me out a lot makes it very comfortable to wear especially having long hair.

It can also be adjusted to different lengths for any desired lengths that what I loved about this wonderful neckless it will work with any style of outfit your decide to wear that day.

I always loved this style of heartbeat necklace, It's really a nice piece to add to my current jewellery collection.

Crafted from stainless steel, which makes this very high quality craftsmanship.

If you take care of it, it should last you a life time or longer.

The metal anti-corrosive and will not tarnish or rust
Never fade & is High Polished to wonderful finish.

I’m super allergic to most metals and this neckless is
Anti-allergic stated by the company this why my boyfriend ordered it for me specifically for that reason.

Rose gold goes with any other colour of jewelry and blends well with many kinds of metal and other colors.

Nice and light weight you don't feel like its not even sitting around your neck that what really drives me to enjoy wearing this piece even more.

I see no no flaws in the craftsmanship on the necklace or in the details.

Nice sized hooks on the back for easy to put on and lengthens the life of the necklace.

The chains craftsmanship has no loose hooks or cheap quality parts.

A perfect length chain sitting just below the collar bones a very elegant part of a ladies body.

I love the 60 day money back guaranteed this why we buy from the UM store I feel a great trust in there quality of products and craftsmanship.

Just a wonderful gift for anyone or a nice pick me up to jazz up your own unique style.

UM Jewelry 18K Gold Plated Titanium Steel Men's Women's Ring with 
Cubic Zirconia Silver Gold (Jewelry) 
I was very surprised by the quality of the size 10 ring I ordered for my boyfriend, ordered it about a month ago for a very special gift for our 4th anniversary.

I love the color it is very unique in the craftsmanship of the ring you can see is very well made and he can feel the quality in the details when he’s wearing it on his finger.

The ring is 18K Gold plated titanium steel ring with cubic zirconia stones looks so classic and will go with any outfit or style for anyone lifestyle.

With this classic and simple design the ring is suitable for anyone with the finger size 10 or any of the size available fro U M store.

5 Beveled edge design makes it comfortable to wear hypoallergenic and the fade design is a nice touch.

The stainless steel shouldn’t rust or deteriorate making the ring very high quality craftsmanship.

The ring is sized perfect on his finger comfortably alway measure then look at size chart, if your still up in the air about the size just message the seller and they will answer any of your inquires.

The ring is polished and looks very elegant on his finger and on my finger I wanted to see how it looked and felt on it seem very nice I like it a lot.

Comes in a small velvet pull string bag with UM in white print making it a perfect storage or travel bag for storing all items properly.

So they say 3 times is a charm because my 3rd and final order from UM, I’m super impressed and really love the 60 day money back guarantee.

I will be ordering again I’m super impressed so hard to pick they have so many cool and very unique items to pick from.