Thursday, March 26, 2015

Corset Review On Orchard Corset Steel Boned Under bust Waspie Mesh Corset (CS-201)

Corset Review On Orchard Corset 
(Steel Boned Under bust Waspie Mesh Corset (CS-201) 
Light weight. Amazing Curves. Amazing Price. Amazing Customer Service.
Orchard Corset Steel Boned Under bust Waspie Mesh Corset (CS-201)

So light weight and looks so sexy, I'm 5'7 with a 35 inch waist I requested the size 30  
(recommend by Michelle H Orchard Corset Customer Care Team) 

The shape is so sexy and amazing in the level 3 silhouette in this style of corset. 

I found your corsets company and reviews from Lucy's Corsetry (Bishonenrancher) she's so educated on all the info needed for every level of knowledge about corsetry. I highly recommend Lucy, her Blog and her YouTube videos. 

Michelle H from the Orchard Corset customer Care Team Member was amazing and answered all my questions. 

Thanks again to Michelle H for rocking the customer service. 

I went for the super saver free shipping it took a full month to receive the corset from  

 If your patience and you can wait for snail mail this is the way to go on shipping!  

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada so free shipping is really nice touch thanks so much!

Orchard Corset
Weightless waist training is what you will get with the CS-201 wasp waist mesh corset. This corset combines breathable comfort with super cinching! The 201 is a 6-panel corset (12 total) with 16 spiral and flat steel bones. Waist tape reinforcement for additional strength. The boning channels and modesty panel are 100% premium cotton for comfort and durabilty. Pay close attention to the sizing tab above, this corset fits very close and with just one layer has a bit more you may need to size down. This corset is so comfortable you may forget you have it on-except everyone will notice your fabulous cinched waist
*16 Flat & Spiral Steel Bones*Rigid Front Steel Busk Closure
*Short to Tall Torso Length*Waist Tape Reinforcement
*9.5" Front / 8.75" Back / 7.25" Side                                               *100% Polyester Mesh w/ Cotton trim
*Level 2/3 Silhouette (Enhanced-Extreme Curves)*High Strength Laces
*4" Back Modesty Panel (Lacing Guard)*All Metal Grommets
*No Garter Tabs*Bi-directional Lacing