Friday, April 22, 2016

ReviewJust4U! just got the product root‬ cover up hair product from LOreal Hair in my Influenster review box in The Mail Today!

I just got my ‪#‎Root‬ cover up from LOreal hair in my Influenster review box today! 
It's a is really cool invention and very interesting concept, great for cosplay and halloween, I would tell people to get it if they need a quick pick me up! I have bright red hair that I have some grey roots. This spray is very, very cold when putting it on so be prepared kind of like dry shampoo makes the hair dull and not shiny. My roots were covered completely and the grey was covered but you go to run your finger through your hair a bit comes off. I have thin hair so it actually made my hair look thicker and fuller but the color for my roots are off for the shade of my bright red hair. 
This product need more work and more variety of color especially with people dying their hair bright colors now a days. Over all very interesting experience using the product. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Samantha Christianson NYX FACE Awards 2016 Entry PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX Makeup

NYX FACE AWARDS 2016 Entry PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX Makeup

I used NYX contour power palette
I hand made the bald cap by layering latex on a latex balloon evenly up to 14 layers alway measure your head to the exact measurements to the size of the balloon. 
I used all professional make up & Brushes
The contacts I wore in the video are 
When you order tell them Samantha Christianson sent you
VisualEyeCandy ReviewsJust4U!
Red leather jacket was purchased in England
Hell raiser Puzzle box
Good Luck to everyone who entered the contest!
Thank you to everyone for the amazing comments & Thumbs ups 
#‎NYXFACEAWARDS2016‬ entry!
Please support my journey to the next level! 
PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Winnipeg Body Painting Published in April 2016 Skin MarkZ Magzine Vol 19

Winnipeg Body Painting Published in April 2016 Skin MarkZ Magzine Vol 19 
Thanks so much to Skin MarkZ Magazine for publishing 
Samantha Wpg Winnipeg Body Painting Visual Eye Candy
Body Painting work & photography in your unique #BodyArt #magazine I'm truly Honoured!
Make sure to pick up your copy of March 2016 #SkinMarkZ Magazine today! 
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Winnipeg BodyPainting ~ VisualEyeCandy‬
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Canadian‬ ‪‎Association‬ of ‪‎Face‬ and ‪Body‬ ‪Artists 
Winnipeg Body Painting VisualEyeCandy Promotional Services 
Licensed red seal trade Aesthetician in province of Manitoba for 16yrs over 25yrs of experience  
Professional Body Painting, Award winning, Makeup, SPFX prothetic, Custom Costume Design, Airbrushing, Photography, Promotional Events & Services.
5 Star Reviews and feed back from clients & companies

Saturday, April 2, 2016

KLEEM Organics Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum that feels so Naturally amazing on your skin!

KLEEM Organics Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum that feels so 
Naturally amazing on your skin!

What a wonderful day feeling appreciated for the work I'm doing is really paying off! 

Dr. Matteo Sorato Founders & Developers 
Samantha is not only an amazing person, incredibly kind, but she is also very very professional. 

I never worked with a person like her before. 

The love, the passion, the enthusiasm she has when she works is absolutely astonishing!
I couldn’t have any better. 

She created a fantastic review for my Vitamin C Serum and 
I would suggest anyone to work with her. 
She is simply AMAZING!

She pays attention to every little detail creating a super wonderful job. 
I really want to thank you Samantha.

Real ReviewsJust4U!
 From Real customers 
5.0 out of 5 starsKLEEM is Amazing Organic Anti Aging Vitamin C Serum 
feels & smells so good on your skin!
5.0 out of 5 starsNatural serum without harsh chemicals
5.0 out of 5 starsFeels great, smells nice and affordable!
… used a couple of times so far but I love it already

5.0 out of 5 stars

 Very, very moderately priced for the high quality ingredients use in formulation. Similar treatment products in Skin Care Salons by brand names like Sonya Dakar, Yonka, Gly-Med, Rhonda Allison, etc would charge $100 up for a Vitamin C Treatment Serum. 
Sorry, but that is just too much money IMO.

This is a cosmetically elegant formula with no stickiness, residue or oiliness. When I saw this was called yet another Serum I was not initially interested as I hate typical serums. They are usually oily and lay on top of your skin. But as I kept reading other reviews I became more intrigued. It absorbs into your skin very, very quickly, aka your skin drinks this stuff in. IMO without a heavy oil carrier like most serums the key ingredients can also penetrate much better. Oils have large molecules that are too big to penetrate and thus can do little but sit on the top of your skin. OK if that is where you wish to put your money. The scent is definitely a slight Vitamin C pill scent which I liked very much. Very, very subtle. Pump bottle is sanitary, elegant and one pump dispenses less than a dime sized amount.

Key ingredients are very high quality. Additionally, Vitamin C had been independently tested (research for NIH studies) and scientifically documented to significantly help skin. At a minimum it acts as a minor sun protectant (does not sub for sun block) and at best it can, over time help "brighten" your skin, help with redness, and firm up minor inelasticity. I have noticed a slightly greater tightness in the skin I applied this to at night. I have so far only used it once a day. Two pumps over my face and neck and one pump for my much sun damaged chest. Wish they had invented this when I was in my 20s.

It acts as a very slight moisturizer. It is not designed to be a moisturizer but for skin types like mine - sensitive or those that can't stand the feeling of creams and oils on their skin this does provide a little moisture. The fact that it leaves no trace on the skin is the biggest selling point for me. But for those who typically use a moisturizer this will rarely be an adequate substitute. It is a Treatment, not a moisturizer. Moisturizers typically only act as humectants by slowing the evaporation of water from the skin. Vaseline does the same but who wants to put that on their skin.

 I have been using it for one month now and only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the bottle is missing. So if used properly, working quickly and smoothing the product over the skin of the face and neck a bottle should last a couple months with 2x daily application. I plan to start using it 2x day now that I have finished my testing of the product. As the milky looking fluid soaks in rapidly work quickly, one section of skin at a time.

Owners of the company have put their heart and soul into this product. They will respond to your emails nearly any time of day or night and seem never to take a vacation. They are genuinely dedicated to this product and their customers. I've written then about 6 times and get the sense they truly care about their clients.

Does not sting sensitive skin. I have highly sensitive skin (due to all the AHA peels everybody swore were good for your skin) and most all other Vitamin C treatments in the 15 or 20% range have stung or at least tingled a little. This does none of that. So I've been confidently using around my eye orbit, keeping to the boney structure. Hopefully the skin's heat will help it migrate further towards the delicate skin without it getting into my eyes. I think I did get it into my eye and no irritation either. Kleem is coming out with an eye treatment. Sign me up guys! There is a very slight tightening effect after application which I like. People with dry skin or prefer a moist feeling skin should follow with their moisturizer of choice. This treatment dries matt and dry within seconds. Makeup can be applied almost immediately with no pilling of the product.

Founders of Kleem Organics are both Doctors. One has a physiotherapy background and the other Biotechnology. These are guys with science and research in their blood. Joesph and Matteo also have an exceptionally strong work ethic. Too strong as I don't think they every take a vacation. When can you write a company to ask questions and have the founder personally write you back? Heck it is unusual to even get a response back from any company let alone a personal email.

For those expecting visible (to the naked eye v. microscopic) in two weeks I would say. Get real! It may have taken months if not years to ruin your skin and nothing short of high powered laser or high concentrations of acids will have a substantial impact on your skin in a short period of time. Both the laser and peels can and will peel off the top layers of your skin leaving you to look like you dipped your face into a vat of hot oil. Been there, done that and won't do it again. The strongest peel is Phenol, can only be used by an MD or Surgeon and actually peel all layers of your skin off forcing you "regrow" your skin (yes, yuck). Phenol leaves you looking pore less like a plastic doll. Who wants that? I recommend giving any product at least a month before making a decision. I waited 30 days before posting this review. In truth one should give a product at least 90 days. For those that form black heads and comedones - it takes about 6 months from the time it forms deep in your skin to come to the surface so it could take the same amount of time to determine if a product is giving you comedones. Kleem's product is non-comedogenic. Even Retin A takes a few months before visible results are seen - after the skin has adjusted to the redness, peeling and flaking. For heavy sun damage and deep wrinkles it will more likely be a year of daily application of Retin A before one can see significant improvements.

Will this treatment cure very deep wrinkles and very sagging skin? No. For someone that has really abused their skin with the sun, smoking, and has begun to notice a lot a drooping and wrinkles this will not fix that. It is too late. See a surgeon. The treatment will help soften finer lines, slight elasticity and help the skin feel softer, smoother. With the proper lifestyle and decent genetics could this treatment help prevent wrinkles and sagging skin? Yes. Probably a good amount of it if started in one's 20s or 30s, no smoking and daily sun block used religiously. Sun block is the single most important thing you can do to prevent your skin from looking like shoe leather. Don't believe it. Compare the skin on your forearms or other part of your body that has seen considerable sun to that part which never sees the sun. Maybe your stomach or butt. Significant difference isn't there? Also smoking starves the skin of oxygen. Compare the skin of a smoker to a non-smoker, especially the skin around their mouth and upper lip. Unless the smoker was lucky enough to inherit remarkable genes the non-smokers skin should look smoother, brighter, more radiant and more firm.

While I did see my skin begin to look "brighter" (more alive and invigorated) the brown spots were not diminished. I don't think the treatment was marketed as a skin lightener however. Generally those types of cream skin lighteners are not all the effective because if it does lighten it also lightens the surrounding skin so things look status quo. Solar keratosis (sun spots) and actinic keratosis are best treated by a MD/Dermatologist who can lighten the spotted area with acid or liquid nitrogen. Or DIY dry ice.

Kleem video on application. The model in that video must have used twelve pumps of product on there face and neck! Either she had very exceptionally dry skin or she thought more was better. I doubt there is any science that supports the idea that significantly more product will be better or accelerate the results. Joesph and Matteo can correct me if I am wrong. The skin can only absorb so much. IMO if used at the rate the model used the Treatment serum the bottle would be empty in less than a month with 2x use daily for face, neck and chest. Even at the very modest price Kleem charges that seems a little excessive. It would be nice to have the option of a larger bottle for those whose financial resources permit more lavish use. Maybe to treat the back of the hands, back of neck, chest and other areas the show signs age/damage the fastest. I would very much like to see an option for a larger bottle. I also look forward to the release of their moisturizer and eye treatment.

I have never smoked and got decent skin from the gene fairy. I signed up where Kleem offered a discount to use and then review their product. This is my first time to review a product I got which was discounted. I've reviewed many, many other products on Amazon so you can check them out to assure yourself I'm not a paid reviewer. They are the ones who gives 5 stars to everything they are paid to review and diminish the ability of buyers to tell what is a "real" review and what are the crap reviews. I often wondered why nearly everything on Amazon was getting 5 stars - well the paid for reviewers are the problem. As my Mother use to say "Your word is your Bond". That is something I live by so what I just wrote is my honest opinion.

I will buy this product again - at full price - because it works, it is very modestly priced, I like Joseph and Matteo and the science they put into their product.

For more reviews on KLEEM ORANICS please go to this link on Amazon 

About the Product
  • FAST ACTING for LONG-LASTING BENEFITS - Observe the depth of fine lines & wrinkles reduce. Restore brightness and a healthy glow to your skin. Our proven 20% organic Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid neutralizes the damaging effects of free-radicals on your skin that cause premature aging. Easy to apply and absorbs instantly without leaving any greasy residue allowing you to apply makeup or daily moisturizer ★Order it Today - Write a review - Send us the permalink - Get a bottle for FREE★
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  • INNOVATIVE CLINICALLY-PROVEN STAY C-50® - Our anti aging serum formula is the most stable organic Vitamin C Serum for face that nourishes and enhances skin elasticity and overall firmness within the skin. The result of this super c serum is a powerful and synergistic combination of anti-oxidants and collagen-boosters to provide maximum anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and skin-brightening activity. Our anti aging serum with 10% Hyaluronic Acid will dramatically boost the skin's hydration level
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Our Vitamin C Serum is the most effective, gentle, organic Serum that has the ability to guarantee Real Results. This anti aging Serum is packaged in a modern, airless bottle in order to prevent oxidation and bacterial contamination. Our Paraben-Free formula contains no unwanted chemicals that can be harmful for the skin, health or the environment. Our organic Vitamin C Serum is manufactured "Cruelty-Free" in an FDA-approved facility
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