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VisualEyeCandy Adventures of finding the right custom fit waist training corset


Vintage corsets, bullet bras, garter belts and fully fashioned stockings.


Reviews Just For You! 

My adventures of finding the right custom waist training corset

I have purchased many different styles of corsets from different corset companies in my adventures of finding a custom corset specifically for waist training. 

My first experience of purchasing an off the rack corset with plastic boning support in a corset was from Le Chateau in the 1990s.

This was a reasonable way to start out with a fashionable & fun way to wear a more Affordable corset to get your off the rack fix without spending a lot of money.  If you're serious about waist training, I highly recommend researching a reputable custom corset waist training corset company on the 
internet & You Tube.


I suggest this specific educational video review from 
Lucy's Corsetry on her YouTube channel, explaining perfectly 
about the different boning in corsets & how a corset is made.

Introduction to corset boning 
there are several types of different boning you can use to make a corset 

0:40 What is Boning/ What's the purpose of boning
1:15 Do bones determine the shape of a corset?
2:30 Featherweight plastic boning
3:55 Heavy duty cable ties
4:50 Bamboo
6:00 Spiral steel boning
6:45 Spring steel boning


The Ann Chery Sport Workout Waist Cincher 2026 is perfect for wearing while working out to help reduce your belly fast and easily. This waist cincher comes in bright neon colors and has easy to fasten hook and eye closures in the front. The band is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining. This band runs a bit short and is made for working out. 
• Available from XS to 2XL
• Latex core with a soft cotton exterior and interior lining
• Front double row of hook-and-eye closures
• Controls and slims the waistline and abdomen
Material Content: Interior Lining: 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex / Outer: 100% Latex 
Manufacturer Recommended Washing Instructions: Hand wash. Do not iron. Do not leave in soaking. Do not twist. Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.
Breakout Bras Recommended Washing Instructions: Same as manufacturer.
In 2015 I purchased sports workout Waist Cincher from breakout bras in this wonderful royal purple .

I do wear this waist clincher while working out in and around my everyday adventures of life.

I feel it has helped in sweating away the mid section issues with giving amazing posture in your body form for inches to melt away.

Results vary on each individual for each person, If your allergic to latex this might not be the purchase for you.

I'm allergic to latex so I wore a cotton tank top or T-Shirt underneath so you will have all the bare skin areas exposed to the waist trainer cover and are able to sweat more because there's 96% Interior cotton lining sewing in to the waist cincher. 

There is very little plastic boning support for this specific style of waist trainer it will hold you in but will not give you extreme shape.

This is one of first purchased waist training corset from the beginning of 2015 for my journey of waist training my 1st purchase from Corset Deal.
wonderful corset for starting out waist training if your budget is in the range of $60 - $100 
which is excellent deal for starting out corset training.

Alison Satin Waist Training Gothic Corset CDW-1250-S


This style of corset is very nice design for cosplay, 

such a wonderful style of corset design it was my 2nd purchase for steel boned corset. 

Ayana Overbust Long Corset Dress GC-1033-30

3 purchase from corset deal wonderful fitted corset dress

Orchard Corset

Steel Boned Underbust Waspie Mesh Corset (CS-201)

So light weight and looks so sexy, I'm 5'7 with a 35 inch waist I requested the size 30  
(recommend by Michelle H Orchard Corset Customer Care Team) 

The shape is so sexy and amazing in the level 3 silhouette in this style of corset. 

I found your corsets company and reviews from Lucy's Corsetry (Bishonenrancher) she's so educated on all the info needed for every level of knowledge about corsetry. I highly recommend Lucy, her Blog and her YouTube videos. 

Michelle H from the Orchard Corset customer Care Team Member was amazing and answered all my questions. 

Thanks again to Michelle H for rocking the customer service. 

I went for the super saver free shipping it took a full month to receive the corset from orchardcorset.com  

 If your patience and you can wait for snail mail this is the way to go on shipping!  

I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada so free shipping is really nice touch thanks so much!

Orchard Corset

Weightless waist training is what you will get with the CS-201 wasp waist mesh corset. 

This corset combines breathable comfort with super cinching! 

The 201 is a 6-panel corset (12 total) with 16 spiral and flat steel bones. Waist tape reinforcement for additional strength.

 The boning channels and modesty panel are 100% premium cotton for comfort and durabilty. 

Pay close attention to the sizing tab above, this corset fits very close and with just one layer has a bit more give..so you may need to size down.

 This corset is so comfortable you may forget you have it on-except everyone will notice your fabulous cinched waist

 Steel-Boned Short Underbust Leather Corset 

(CS-426 Short Leather)

Reviews on What Katie Did Famous Morticia Corset

(Extreme Curve Corset)

I purchased an amazing corset called the famous Morticia Corset for Extreme curves corset in April 2015 for $269.08 CA included shipping and handling.

Once I got my purchase in the mail my waist training journey started with a 
size 30 this specific size measurement specific to my waist.

I ordered Morticia 30", ribcage-36", hip-42" April 30th 2015, my measurement for Aug 29th, 2015 for 6 months after doing waist training from 1hr up to 4 hrs a day 7 days a week for 6 months.

 With dedicated corset waist training, exercise for 30mins to an hr a day depending on the what workout I was doing.

With proper food habits with this over all experience you should be able to get the inches off the waist and achieve your waist training goals. 

I have a 29 inch waist while wearing the mortice corset fully closed at the back of the morticia corset

Without wearing the corset I have 34 inch waist from my size 40 waist from 1 years ago.

The original size I measured is 37 inch size waist is what I recorded in my journal when I started with in the begining of April 2015 for my waist training journey.

I had a measurement of 38 inches under bust in April down 36 inches underbust waist measurement is 41 inches for Aug 29th 2015. 

If I purchase another corset in the near future I will be purchase the next size down Morticia 28", ribcage-34", hip-40".

I have to say thank you very much to Lucy's Corsetry (Bishonenrancher) 

Thank you for doing an amazing corset reviews for this specific corset from What 
Katie Did  famous mortice corset (extreme curves corset) on her own 
personalized Website and YouTube channel.

This is how I discovered all about waist training and proper corset fitting for 
your specific body type.

She is a very educated & experienced woman in all levels of the custom corsetry industry.

I highly recommend subscribing, liking & follow all of Lucy corsetry 
social media platforms to keep up to date with her latest corset reviews with a  

wealth of educational & information  from her corsetry journeys from around the world.

steel boned corsets by What Katie Did

L6051 MorticiaCorset

Our longer line steel boned Morticia Corset gives a dramatic
 1950s wasp-waisted silhouette.

Morticia is an ultra-curvy underbust corset. It features our trademark goring at the hips which ensure that the waist can be pulled in as tightly as desired, 
without putting undue pressure on the hips. 

The longer line ensures that tummies are nicely flattened. It is, of course, named after the beautifully macabre and wasp-waisted Morticia Addams, 
and is as utterly bewitching as its namesake.

Morticia was launched in 2008, originally intended as a fashion corset, one to be worn for special occasions. However, it's come our attention that several of you use it daily as a waist training corset. 

Having had a few amendments over the years, we're now happy to class it as a 'day training' corset, suitable for daily wear for up to 8-10 hours. Please ensure you click on the Sizing tab to decide if Mortica is right for you.

Its extreme cut makes Morticia only suitable for those with vintage figures: a 10 inch or greater difference between waist and hip measurements. 

The sizes below are reduced waist sizes (ie, the corset size when it is closed). You will need to deduct 4-5 inches from your waist to determine your corset size. Please see our Sizing Notes for more information. 
We try to keep Morticia in stock in black satin. A wide range of other colours, from jewel tones to bridal cream and peach are available to order. 

Special orders take around 3-4 weeks.
* The Morticia is an extreme curve corset making it suitable for vintage figures
* Please deduct 4-5 inches from your waist to 
determine your Morticia corset size

* Satin with cotton twill lining, internal waist tape and modesty panel
* Steel busk front opening and a combination of 18 flat and spiral steel bones
* Each corset is made by hand by one corsetier from start to finish
* Specialist dry clean

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