Friday, April 22, 2016

ReviewJust4U! just got the product root‬ cover up hair product from LOreal Hair in my Influenster review box in The Mail Today!

I just got my ‪#‎Root‬ cover up from LOreal hair in my Influenster review box today! 
It's a is really cool invention and very interesting concept, great for cosplay and halloween, I would tell people to get it if they need a quick pick me up! I have bright red hair that I have some grey roots. This spray is very, very cold when putting it on so be prepared kind of like dry shampoo makes the hair dull and not shiny. My roots were covered completely and the grey was covered but you go to run your finger through your hair a bit comes off. I have thin hair so it actually made my hair look thicker and fuller but the color for my roots are off for the shade of my bright red hair. 
This product need more work and more variety of color especially with people dying their hair bright colors now a days. Over all very interesting experience using the product. 

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