Friday, April 15, 2016

Samantha Christianson NYX FACE Awards 2016 Entry PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX Makeup

NYX FACE AWARDS 2016 Entry PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX Makeup

I used NYX contour power palette
I hand made the bald cap by layering latex on a latex balloon evenly up to 14 layers alway measure your head to the exact measurements to the size of the balloon. 
I used all professional make up & Brushes
The contacts I wore in the video are 
When you order tell them Samantha Christianson sent you
VisualEyeCandy ReviewsJust4U!
Red leather jacket was purchased in England
Hell raiser Puzzle box
Good Luck to everyone who entered the contest!
Thank you to everyone for the amazing comments & Thumbs ups 
#‎NYXFACEAWARDS2016‬ entry!
Please support my journey to the next level! 
PinHead Horror Inspired SPFX 

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