Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kindest person I've ever known was shot in her home. Please donate & share the info with everyone we need your support!

I would love some help if you have time to post or share this information about what happened to my friends family.
My friends mom got shot in the head by her husband in her home on Mon night Dec 12, 2016.
Please do a story, blog, posting anywhere you can to help get this information out there to help the family out they really need the support!
People need to know and help out by donating and sharing this info I really appreciate the support and help!
I have know Mel and her mom Jeanette for couple of years now their like my 2nd family. 

The news really hit me hard especially about what happened to her mom. 
I would love everyone help by donating what they can to help everyone through this moment in time with all our support and kindness. 
She will be on to a quick recovery soon!
I love you guys I hope the best for you this holiday season.

Darby Connors
I hardly even know where to start.  Jeanette Heflin, mother, grandmother, sister, nurse, and the kindest person I've ever known, was shot in her home, causing large amounts of damage to her head, face, and arms. She remains in critical condition, and will need many surgeries.
At this point in time the doctors are not sure the full amount of damage, and are concerned that she may not regain her sight. Even with successful surgeries she will require lots of physical therapy and assistance. 
I'm starting this campaign to assist my best friend, and Jeanette's daughter, in paying the medical bills to come as well as anything she will need to care for her mother who will be moving in with her upon her release from the hospital. 
She is truly a wonderful person, and someone who always wanted to care for everyone else, please help us return the favour in her time of need. 
Thank you so much!

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